Adding your first slide

Click the "+" symbol in the top left. This will open a menu with all the slide types you can add to your deck. These are sorted by the types of interactivity they perform.

Using the Slides - what each slide type does

Join Slide

This slide automatically begins each deck. It's how your audience can join in on your presentation using their phone.

Content Slide

These slides are simple text and image slides.

Multiple Choice Answer

An interactive slide that asks a question and supplies a set array of answers that your players can choose between. These slides are best for surveys, trivia questions, quizzes, polls, and anywhere else there are a fixed set of responses. You can show who guessed what, and the correct answer(s), optionally after each question.

Text Answer

An interactive slide that asks a question but doesn't give answer options to choose from, instead your audience can type their response. The slide will determine if a response is correct or incorrect. You can show guesses and correct answer(s).

Text Submit & Vote

Use this for brainstorming, fill-in-the-blank style games, and more. Ask any question and collect free-form text answers from participants, then optionally let them vote on the best answer. You can show answers and allow players to vote on them.

Rating Slide

Get your audience to select from a scorable and ratable array of ranged choices. You can show each person's rating and/or the averaged result.